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Anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could give some pointers on how to eat a girl out/ fingering? It'd be a great help!


Fingering a girl and eating her out is all about that build up. Thats what will give them that amazing and memorable orgasm ;)

So kiss her. Kiss her passionately. Let your touch explore her body, while your lips and tongue soon follow. Worship every inch of her body, play and squeeze her breasts (gently/passionately/roughly - depending on the mood you two are set in), then kiss them, swirl your tongue around her nipples, getting them nice and hard. And if you choose to tease her further you could always pinch her nipples gently with your teeth (Note: Not all girls are into their nipples being pinched, so do talk about it with them and how they feel about it. Or at least take notice of their reaction as you do it. Should she feel uncomfortable for her. Stop and move on).

Kiss your way down her stomach and along her curves, while your touch feels along her legs before slowly spreading them and rubbing her clit nice and slow through her panties.

Don’t go for her pussy right away, let her savor your touch and kisses. If you’re in a position that you can make eye contact with her, do so. Let her see the lust in your eyes grow for her as her as you turn her on further.

Slowly begin to kiss and lick down her leg, and then back up. Nice… and slow. Then work your way back up her leg again. Now you can be a further tease by kissing down her other leg too instead of going for her pussy, giving her a cheeky smirk as you do so.

Once done you can finally either slide her panties to the side or take them off. Her pussy eager and most likely already wet with desire.

Kiss around her pussy (remember build up is important). Give her clit a gentle flick. Swirl circles around it, getting her wetter by the sucking before flicking her clit. Suck on her labia (pussy lips), before moving back up to flick her clit more vigorously with your tongue.

You can even choose to suck on her clit while your tongue flicks her clit for further pleasure. This often has a girl shaking uncontrollably! (At least from my experience)

You can start to bring your touch into play now as she will be very wet with the amount of pleasure and attention you’ve given her pussy. Start with a single finger. Nice and slow. Don’t go straight for the g-spot like most guys do. Thats a noob move. Again you want to tease her ensuring you give her an amazing orgasm.

Slide your finger in and out, slowly. Feel her inner walls. Don’t let the other hand to nothing. Continue feeling her body from the outside. Reach up and play with her breasts or run your fingertips/nails down her leg.

Now here’s what i do next. You can choose to skip this bit if you wish. I’d only recommend this if you know what you’re doing. Instead of starting to finger a girl faster (whether it be straight in and out or curving your fingers and hitting her g-spot), insert your fingers in and curve them slightly downwards. You’ll feel this wall, thats where her cervix is (now you don’t want your fingers to hit there). You want your fingers just under the wall. From there, nice and gently (she needs to be relaxed for this), using your fingers pull down on her pussy, tugging on it and holding it there (you’re not fingering her but instead holding it there). A woman’s pussy can stretch so don’t worry about hurting her. Women are powerful fucking creatures (None the less though you don’t want to use all your strength. Just a firm pull). If she says its uncomfortable or hurting then stop. While you do that, continue teasing her clit, sucking on it, flicking it, sucking on her labia etc. If you feel she isn’t relaxing and is starting to tense, ease off the pull, and continue only when you feel shes relaxed again. This technique will feel as if she has a cock inside her. You can slowly move your hand (not in and out completely but in small motions). This will feel like shes being fucked by a dick. Incorporating this with teasing her clit with your lips and tongue will drive her wild if done right.

You can now switch it up if you wish and start to finger her, curving your giving her g-spot stimulation. while your lips and tongue stimulate her clit. This will have her shaking uncontrollably as the pleasure from the previous technique will have already brought her to the point where she can’t hold her orgasm in any longer, bringing her closer to the edge until she can’t take it anymore resulting in a blissful orgasm!

This is all what i do. Hopefully it helps


letmecuminyoubabe asked:

Your 5 biggest turn ons? :)


A gentleman with smarts.
Milk chocolate.
When he wears a suit.
Dark thick eyebrows.
When he’s addicted to my body.
When he plays with my hair.
When he knows when to give up control.
When he’s patient with me and knows exactly what to say to calm me down and makes me feel better.
When he’s behind me, bites my shoulder and grunts as he cums inside me.
When he tries to catch my nipples in his mouth as I ride his cock on cruise control.
When he touches my pussy to feel how wet he’s made me.
When he makes me laugh.
When he does something completely inconvenient for him just to make me happy or because he knows I’ll like it.
When he cums inside of me and whispers in my ear, “You’re mine.”
Random text saying he’s thinking of me.
Opens the door for me.
Undresses me.
Kisses my belly as he softly glides his big hands all over my body and just moans.
When he wears a dress shirt and jeans.
Clean cut.
Randomly texts me that he can’t wait to be inside of me.
When he plans a date. Makes the reservation. Picks me up or sends me the detailed information by text about where we’re going. Directions. What the menu choices are.
That first kiss and hug when he sees me.
When he has iPeriod app on his phone and plans accordingly.
Sends me pictures of things he knows I like or things that remind him of me.
Surprises me with a music CD he’s made for me.
The way he never takes his hands off of my body when we’re together.
The way he holds my hand and asks me to go first, even though I ways tell him I’ll follow your lead.
I never have an empty cup in my hand.
The way his skin smells when he’s sleeping.
When I watch him eat.
The way he instinctively feels me up in his sleep.
The way he instantly gets a hard on before I even touch him.
The way he let’s me do whatever I want to his body and never questions me.
The way he always encourages me to squirt, even if I worry about the mess.
When he always carries things that I’m holding, even when I say it’s okay I have it.
The way he looks at me when he’s inside of me.
The way he does this thing with teeth when he’s beyond fucking aroused. It’s like this animalistic thing he can’t control.
Even when he thinks he can’t cum after the second time, he never says no to me.
He always makes sure to have the room temperature cool because he knows I get hot easily.
When he randomly feeds me something he wants me to taste.
When he’s driving, he’s at a stop and he reaches over to touch my face and kiss me.
When he turns off his phone when he’s with me.
When he hands me the bath sheet as I’m getting out of the shower.
When he sends me video of him singing one of my favorite songs while he’s driving.
When he texts me, good morning.
When he texts me, good night.
When he calls me, Blondie.

Thaaaaaaaaat was 5, right?


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